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office, and the men who started it and the men who gave it this impetus

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not so marked as in the right arm. His pulse was 68, respira-

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prevented by a large tumour in the vagina, situated in its anterior wall.

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1. Lesions of the third frontal convolution (motor speech centre). If the

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pealed to in this matter. Let then plain common sense

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association with junior members of our profession who arc

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not again trouble him on so sore a subject ; but go

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On thP oVhJ ° • f"?.^ topical Africa than in Europe and America

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was also made Professor of Chemistry. In all of these

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Coe cited some of the serious ultimate results of abdomi-

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almost the whole of a corpuscle. The majority contained pigment

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ment: 1. If hyperleukocytosis is not already present the

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clinic were treated with radium and roentgen-ray, by the technic

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section. The first of these most frequently becomes necessary in

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with which the different vessels are affected is variously stated, all observers,

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along its moving armies there ever rings out the hoarse,

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dress is not a certain indication of her indolence and the disordered as-

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the most comfortable position. The essayist then de-

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There was no marked wearing away of the articular ends of

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of the sinus pocularis. Besides these there are hydatid cysts which are not

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life protection. There was another group of matters in regard

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In many cases where there is habitual constipation with fre-

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charge of the wall against the water, while in the case of electro-positively

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Martinotti (1909). Giorn. Mai. vener. e della Pelle.

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called " enteric fever", " gastric fever", or " py-

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their appointments by the medical profession, to whom they offer special

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propriety of fulfilling his marriage contract. — He now inhabits

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of treatment that have been proposed for ever y s ; x hours, uriseptin internally and

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the use of hot water bottles, which latter must also be watched; for if

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and respiration quiet, cough remaining, but less trouble-

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•districts, are brought north during warm weather, the mature

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