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the condition of coma would supervene sometimes as early as the
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ulceration within the bowel, or may follow peritonitis.
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and that at some stated hour, as for instance, in one of Faber's cases, at
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I happened to visit the hospital on that day and found wards,
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could be made out of the remains, there would have been necessary
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tricular rate of 47 per minute, with persistence of
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of school age perhaps in our state university, and perhaps three
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The X-ray. — The employment of the .x'-ray does not enable us to
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adapt the proper words to them, or to reproduce them in writing, he is
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tive Chaldeans, in their study of the heavens, became
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be obtained at any drug store. Sweeten and flavor to taste.
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cvte as seln in the blood of man ; 5, division of the nucleus reduction) in the
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versity. Address correspondence to Dr. Koontz at Box 118,
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There have been other cases. I have known a man who was repeatedly caught
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quickly employed. If the rent is not extensive, local irrigation with
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yielded only 5 grammes of limpid fluid. The bacteriological examination of the spinal
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of the Army, and Samuel Horsley, of the Navy, were present
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there are periodic convulsive movements of the limbs.
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the "New York Medical Journal" for December 3, 1887.
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does full justice to the subject in its double aspect
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being perfectly normal. In these infants, on different days,
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and bacteriological. Med. Eec, N". T., 1892, xli, 713-716.
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surfaces. I have seen a remarkable case in which the two iliac bones were
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Kitchen, T. D., Wake Forest, Jeff. Med. Coll., 1908 1908 1908
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refer to the period of incubation ; if known, we may protract the re-
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3. Faulty Peojection. — The third of the chief points in regard to the
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The only objects of comparison presented to them, were two
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microscopical section. The changes in the epithelium are usually most
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stomach, and the liver, although it was found that, as nitrobenzole is
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I wanted to get out of my coat ; to sit, in fact, as Sidney
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half an ounce of chloral hydrate. The patient slept quietly for sixteen

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