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In a m'luTal way it may l>i' statnl that tlie (•on<iiti(.ns

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I ain itulebted to Dr. Tirard and Dr. Carpenter for kind

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ligaments being tied off, and the bladder dissected

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the paper; the bifilar going off a number of times."

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scription of this substance' it has been found that in working up

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exposure of the patient, and to do the operation as quickly as* is com-

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abortions, often sufficient of itself, oftener perhaps re-

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ly. Moreover, palpation, which usually teaches us so

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The functions of the bladder and rectum are affected for the most

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1910 Hartigan, John, L.A.H., late Assistant Master, National Maternity

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jnents have been ripened by experience and by study and who

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Thomas wire splint (fig. 294) has proven very satisfactory, spe-

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confinement, and accompanying depression, he became dyspeptic. He con-

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making the next pull, when they will be found each tirao

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first phalangeal joints. These deformities are globular in shape,

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therefore was perfectly satisfied that, with proper in-

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aware, the lining of the stomach and bowels in the diseases

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a mere exaggeration of the normal, but has special characters of its

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their interest and were being discontinued. Such disputes

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mediastinum to involve the pericardium and heart. The lesions consist

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to a greater extent, than has been generally supposed.

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later been found by some one else and remedied. The remark is

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for a year without food, should that be necessary. When a word is to be

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Whether we look for information to the account given by

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patients. Have there been problems with driving, such as

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lutely interdicted. Under this i)lan of treatment most

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ously ; but this advantage does not appear to me of

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partook freely of the milk. The officers drank "mixed" milk collected

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