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fessional life, and he told me that this matter of paying commissions

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milled, or so-called hygienic rice, should be furnished.

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forty-three cases have occurred during the last twenty-

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severe, almost persistent pain in the mastoid region, radi-

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field labourer, about forty years of age, and he first applied to

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there had either been a meningeal hemorrhage, or an

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in the living child, formerly all diagnosed "fetal rickets," without doubt

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a miasm emanating from the body. It is, therefore, propagated by both

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of constriction of the chest, and irregular recurrence. The symptoms and

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are habitually worn. From a macular syphilide the absence of any con-

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head presentations over all others, although all his observations

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from actual cerebral deficiency. In every case of neurosis or psychosis,

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mation, and a perverted or misplaced nutrition. It often forms in

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twelfth century a.d., Bhaskara expounded the law of gravity and the

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seen, not only in children, but in adults, there has been a de-

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obtained.— jS/'i^'i/i Mai. Jour., Oct. .31, 1874.

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all indicate an obstructed condition of the abdominal circulation. No attention being

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of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and other oriental

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FuiJUBBBGBB. Dr., on electricity in diseases of children 258

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motional syndrome (mydriasis, hyperreflexia, sweating,

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tions ; the intensity should be increased in all the grave

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and utility, but a large number are heated by means of

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use of my cure and I v/ould employ it or\y on the ground

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ried a French count of some importance in the beau monde.

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as cocaine heart, the symptoms of which were a feeling of full-

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result if chairmanships were rotated; now therefore

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before the New York State Medical Association, and in a

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under the term "pseudopelade" or "cicatricial alopecia." In one type the

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which a woman could obtain a contested divorce, and the same number

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that it depended not on the locality per se, but on its distance from the

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than feeding the thread to the patient. The perforated metal

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logy, Causation, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment. A

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not exceeded that commonly reported in the general population Gyne-

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rax. In pleuritis with effusion, all voice and breath sounds disappear;

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