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the results of further experiments, givmg more e.\actaess
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body? It has chances to pass through the underclothing, and through the web of
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traction which we call spasm, are the direct efiects of irritation pro-
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stances, what is there to prevent the bowel being replaced by
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Thus the air breathed will be warm, moist, and free
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in recent cases; if these fail, no time should he lost in
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rnonstrated that, if a delicate glass tube is connected with the
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all sorts of things. He may cry, sing or imagine he sees
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ilitutes the principal feature of cblorojis and amenorrhcca, but
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and chronic tubercular lesions spread through the body.
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The limb grows very large, and a swelling appears on the surface
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Anecdotes. — The Polka: Interesting Physiological Discovery: La Grande
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ranked with the opponents of blood-letting, tells us,
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iodism, together with promotion of the function of the
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for treatment when it occurs independently of other affections, or when it
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Iodine is only slightly dissolved in water, but Iodide
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pelvis itself ; and that, moreover, the operation is useless, as
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ledge respecting the propagation of disease will diminish the
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sin profession. F^mpycma, Di|)htheria. Syphilitic Lesions
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black ; the pulse exceedingly rapid and weak ; great prostration
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In severing our connection as editors of the Practioner and
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found that the rate of growth of hair was in a measure proportional
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best method of treatment When long-continued thyroid disorder
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teeth on the left side, exactly to the median line; hard blows
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the symptoms as they arise. If expectoration is so defective that suffocat-
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skilful physician. The constant and assiduous pursuit of
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