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On the fifth day some faeces came per anum for the first time

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the particular feature in the malnutrition of the body,

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tunately rare. Delirium, coma vigil, excitement with very high tem-

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proportion as one or more of the above groups of clinical phenomena are

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prescriptions. The same remedy is equally applicable to

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It has long been an accepted proposition that urea is

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The right eye was not painful, but intolerant of light. It was entirely

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serous fluid were aspirated, the infective agent being the

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mean to say that the fever of intermittent differs fix)m other fevers in

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contains nothing particularly worthy of notice. The third, or

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the paralysis of the abducens had entirely disappeared, and there was

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notably the Lancet, in a series of articles entitled " The

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but that a follicle may swell, and the ovum ripen without the

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Typhus is attended Avith a characteristic eruption, the mulberry rash, as

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of the first wave was almost as sharp as its beginning and extended

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into which has been broken the crust of cold or toasted bread,

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lower edges of the mucous membrane together, which I did.

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will give it a tiial, and refute or confirm my favorable ex-

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concluded by expressing a regret that he had not used

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spite of that early enthusiasm I have ceased to use it.

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statites do not seem to tolerate t eatment oftener than every

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delay I will comply with your request. . . . The sequel of my case

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of what they term anti-syphilitics ; but from the moment that they

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am ill, acc<trding to the sise of the nlpple^therefore the purchaser should ask for^a proper sixed one

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short of it might, considering the reckless manner in

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sicians and Surgeons, 1946. Dr. Kosar, an obstetrician and

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It occurred to Dyer that if such effects could be pro-

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Polarimetric Test. Glucose turns the plane of polarized light

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disease is known to have occurred was at Linlithgow,

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commonly also anaesthesia of the cornea and face occurred on the side of

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