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The disease is constitutional, the same as eczema, and the

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types of cells are associated, would indicate a connective tissue

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meaning of past-pointing. They knew what I meant, but did not

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requires to have spread out before him, all that is known on the

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cetin. A warm building and warm clothing are essential ele-

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the urine, two questions of great interest at once present them-

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Various forms of eye trouble, especially errors of refrac-

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be filled by making gentle traction on the arrow-head ; for as the arrow-

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break of the disease there. Sixty-four additional inspectors

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entering upon the discharge of their duties, take the oath prescribed

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weight on the outer edge of the foot. The side view,

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specific. In our own work it has been repeatedly shown that species

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The pneuniatoineter, as I liave had it constructed and

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Btry tissues aro asoally evacuated into the bronchial tubes and expecto*

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of a tendon of the flexor profundus digitorum. Insertion, with

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cisco. The officers for the coming year are : President,

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irritation due to food stasis, for the stomach empties

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some others if not to him. For him the illustrious Jansens had

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it may have been true that rats inoculated with blood from the patient

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thousand five hundred and seventeen labors, at the Maternite

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the Christian era, it is thought, in Egypt, associated with the

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ties; (3) the restoration of the general health and

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text is naturally brief but covers the subject well, and

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