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while at school ; but being unprovided with food (lunch) goes on

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trate of bismuth in this disease has been due to its

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Such individuals would have a poor heart muscle and

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"removal a sharp point of the fibula perforated the bladder and caused an

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more than two inches. The most remarkable thing about the tumor

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application of some respectable inhabitant of full age of the town or

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By the way, the editor is very positive in his assertion of

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clothing, for it is proved that wool counteracts most advantageously the loss of

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after so long a period of cultivation, its practice still continues of

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false impression by his dogmatic statement in regard to letting the

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near the surface, as it might have been if the patient had re-

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plication. There were several distinct exacerbations, coming on with

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ous method," which stands as an epoch in the progress of

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Before beginning the operation I introduced the second finger of

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intragastric (often hypertonic) or extragastric, causes the dilatation.

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room all the while. Up to a few days ago he had not

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enough was thus indirectly secured, it rotated into the acetabu-

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of the Marine Hospital tax," says The Nautical Gazette,

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first day, it rapidly falls to the normal, and usually gives no

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and here, for another example, was the action taken

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anemia and pus. In 1894 Livierato found the reaction present in

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tained in favour of the long established doctrine concerning

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a state of mind which infers responsibility. Under any reason-

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tices of the present board differ materially from those fol-

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the following reasons : Blue Cross can contract with all

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The collateral circulation, T have alluded to, is attended

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Streptococcia. — I have so far considered only the streptococcus of

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' * paralysis agitans' ' is not appropriate. I n fact,

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the patient, instead of recovering his habitual state,

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patient suffering with the same trouble died after a journey

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culus weighed 14 ounces and was composed of uric acid.

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decidedly less hemorrhage. I fully endorse Rydygier's

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by patient trials, that foxglove, given in minute doses, and combined

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spinal meningitis, herpes and pemphigus Avere observed complica-

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