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tient, of solution is the only safeguard, and this must

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calming pomades produce marvellous cures. But remember

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tal and supra- and infra clavicular retraction with each in-

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left arm to the elbow or into the fingers, occasionally down the right arm,

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and urged vehemently an operation. Slight capillary ])aresis was

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purpose in an emergency. Rubber overshoes and heavy rubber glore?

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and megastoma entericum. He attaches diagnostic importance to their

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eighteen millions of square feet. There we have the ele-

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and many officials have European education but most of the

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prognosis based mainly on functional tests would often prove fal-

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chemist of no mean ability and whose chemical knowledge

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ulum. Gouging out the acetabulum is not often practised

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necessary to give due force to the fact to be conveyed, if he says that we could^

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ful rest. The history of that case was simply exces-

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which has never yet been mastered by either the syphilog-

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Dr. S. Solis Cohex: May I ask what was Dr. Friedenwald's criterion

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Virginia, where it was still believed in and followed.

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exposing articles of clothing and bedding wliicli huve been in

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of the crops in 1799, 1800, or 1825, and 1826. We object

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bladder, to what we have similarly defined, when we con-

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lation of fluid at the same time that numerous molecular granules

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Says he knows more than half of those who inquire after him.

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the intestines and of the mesentery. Very soon the organism gains

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there was distinct improvement, and details of these

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absurd to claim that any touch, no matter how delicate, could

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tract was sent to each Dispensary Medical Officer in Ireland ;

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