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is the surest and safest way to overcome it. If it be insuperable,
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At the post-mortem examination, the spinal marrow was found flaccid ; and
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M. D. v., Assistant in Bacteriolog}- and ^'eterinary Science, Sheffield
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(ost6o-sarcome), ayant entraSne Vampntation de la cuisse.
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fatty and sticky coating on the interior of waste-pipes is
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in bronchitis. They are less efficient than potassium iodide
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The co-operation of the Association with the college be-
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the patient does not render irrigation more successful, and a long-
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Debierne discovered actinium. Gietel finds that polonium
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• Discuss possible effects of the pregnancy on HIV
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bie to disease than in the Caucasian race. Leukoplapkia is rare.
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Public Health Reports and Papers (Vol. II.) presented at the Meetings of 1874 and
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line from the fundus of the gallbladder to the exit of the
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by favoring infection and sepsis. No doubt but that our so-called
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8. Corry RJ: University of Iowa experience in pancreatic transplantation.
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The first edition of this work was ])ublished in 1905, and was
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Not satisfied with the above cogent analogical proofs, our
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position, thigh flexed at a right angle and abducted, and the force applied
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cause the latter contain much blood ; the kidney is quite
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An important precept in therapeutics is the observance of simplicity in
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a case of chronic gonorrhea, with gonorrheal arthritis, which eventuated
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functional work. Hence, the common remark that boils are
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quire no special treaiment ; but sometimes, as in diolera modbos^ or
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frequently incurred when both electors and elected may
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The whole of the contents of the orbit were removed without difficulty. The
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7th. There was rather less swelling of the face, but the eyes
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In sketching the general character of the prurigo series it was pointed
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violated, may it be granted to me to enjoy life and the practice

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