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marrow at an earlier stage of her illness. The liver cells had undergone

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On the evening of her admission the axillary temperature

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first appeared about March ist, with the previous history,

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Thus by the irresistible logic of the facts two physi-

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be met with in normal brains, and that the fixation

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yet it m be laid down as a general principle that the phenomena thus

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of the optic nerve. These tumours are usually hard, with a smooth bi£8

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weeks, with occasional appearances of blood at intervals ex-

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weeks in the young, strong and vigorous. But a dilatation of the

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indica. Then, very earnestly, I instructed her mother just

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accompany S-3239, 94th Congress, 2nd Session, Report No.

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post-mortem changes, have frequently been mistaken for those occurring

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flammation, etc., of , Treatment of , Operative); Fal-

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somewhat lobulated mass of a bright-red color, freely movable

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was typhoid, and there was no record kept of the number of people

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signs of a growth, but it is usually necessary to wait and watch the course

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field. The discovery and isolation of radium is given due

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mental and physical depression combined to render them so

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stances they indicate as a rule confirmed lesion of the kidneys.

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Striimpell, and De'jerine and Sottas. In most of the other cases ex-

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the mouth along the excretory ducts of the glands. But, opposed to

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known, shows the interest taken in the development of the dairy

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he was constantly summoning persons to the Police Court for trivial

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economical grounds, better to employ women, under the super-

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Marshfield Seminar: “Peer Review by Physicians — Now or Never?”

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Tehforary Repression op Small-pox. By Dr Urbaktschitz,

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