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tion the nose may be so blocked with polypi that the sense of smell is lost.
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All the coats of the tubes are involved and the ciliated epithelium is
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An attempt to review the theories which have at various times been
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spur, and after eighteen months of time it developed
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and very rarely later than four or five days after. When recovery
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up, even for months in-succession, and yet a ^od delivery succeeds at
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from it are less urgent and severe. But in both cases, if the
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tion. Moist rales were present over the right lung,
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man. But the day is perhaps not far distant, when, inconsequence
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probably identical with the loco disease of the United States, and in
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larynx. In three cases where a ten-per-cent solution caused grave symp-
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first of May, it dropped off of its own accord, without occasioning
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balancing herself when her feet are put close together ; mus-
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5. Scrape the toe-nail to the quick with a piece of glass, from the root outward,
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tions. But this is by no means strictly correct. The muscular con-
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part, and where no wound was present to a raw surface artificially produced by blisters.
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wedc, and for lack of a better diagnosis it was cat^;orized as a
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attention to the state of the kidneys. The duration of the disease is
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reference of sensations we mean the fact that when a sensory
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, mote contingency, and one that need scarcely be taken
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necessary purity,! ordain, in accordance with the opinion given me at my
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The great mortality of Typhoid Fever and Pneumonia, amongst the Confederate Forces^
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ing as it approached the left optic thalamus. Indeed the most internal portion of the
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arrangements for showing its lightness what our preceptor,
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transmitted their doctrines in an unusual language, and who
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Surgical operations to be charged according to circumstances.
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161 females), and the average daily population, 489.
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the notice of appeal, and paid the penalties inflicted on hira by
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Neither — and this is a very remarkable fact — was a single case of
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tion, at varying periods up to the expiration of one
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This is the only allusion she has ever made to me with reference
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moscope had been used. There were no changes of importance.
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nipple, and would easily pit slightly on firm and sus-

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