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was then told to sound himself. No other treatment was adopted. On
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the angle in five skulls and gets an average of 98°. I have
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1844, and had lived in St. Louis for more than 40 years. He
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A rare anomaly in the pock is described under the name of horn-pox
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in which prolonged drouth and high temperature have
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bility, dizziness and palpitation. There was loss of appetite and occa-
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differently constituted in certain relations instantly intermix when brought
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assume the sitting position. The child is generally perfectly contented to
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Imperial Board of Health puts the yearly loss of the Germar
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expect to observe the same difference between them as be-
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The scarcity of women which led to the latter practice was caused, he infers, by
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6. Fitzgerald RH, Cowan JDE: Puncture wounds of the foot. Orthop Clin North
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It has been suggested that contributions might range from
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the urethra into the lower part of the bladder >
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the child seems averse to making the least exertion, and is unable
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so well marked, so complete, as it were, as in simple inflammation of the lung.
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physiological salt solution. The warm mixture was injected
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from back : The layers of the epidermis are slightly atrophic. The
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elimination which devolves upon the kidney, and the danger
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376' Burnett on the Microscope and Renal Affections. [Oct.
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bly rather an irritation of long continuance, that has scarcely ac-
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not so with the licentious, who run riot in their abandonment to animal appetite ;
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very rarely falls below 90 per cent, of the normal standard, although
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there was nothing to indicate at the commencement that the sequelae
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to believe that the cause is outside the nervous system ; and
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103*^., or higher, during the first day. The marked physical exhaustion and cloud-
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arteriosclerosis. Many cases show no other cause. The high pres-
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51. Bkck. — Plum-Stone in Left Bronchus; Tracheotomy; Expulsion;

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