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I herewith present a notice of an agent which to me is possessed of

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a complete restoration of the same ; fine sense of touch in soles

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Symptomatic anaemia is sometimes amenable to treatment, at other times

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perineal tube on the fourth day, the urethral catheter on the

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have been described by Maxwell in Changpo, South China, as being

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EB: Acute and sustained effects of isosorbide 5-mononitrate in

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consideration of the conditions incident to the occasion

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of a century, I have not been able distinctly to connect its epidemics

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the 600 students at college by shaking membranes, pathological kinks, etc., me-

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cavity, or puncture of the skin. When there is double hydrothorax of

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inflammation have left the tonsil immensely congested, where

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The Dangers of Eddyism— and the Remedy.— F. X. Der-

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The diet in acute rheumatism is easily managed ; the patients either do

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ovaries ; tubes were much thickened and adherent. She made an unin-

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is a distinct risk of overtiring the eye, which produces a rapid diminu-

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Idiopathic variety. — So far I have chiefly dealt with the reflex or

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angular projection, the dorsal position is very uncomforta-

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In a certain proportion of cases other forms of coma are encountered,

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the thermo- and electro-cautery. The electro-cautery may be used by

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animals, the poison being I'^h™ paro^^^ %isons-(l) an

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agencies, which in this direction are met with in England, may be

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viii, 152- 150. — Vvedenski (A. A.) O probodayush-

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5. — The question of notification of cases of phthisis

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one might say, between botany and materia medica — was quite popular during the XV to

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vessel cut, ending in fatal hemorrhage. Durham says of

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bacillus of glanders, the pathogenic organism of hydrophobia, and perhaps

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style and beautifully colored, containing 190 figures, many of them the size ot life; together

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A certain prince of the House of Buwayh was afflicted

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