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Chronic Ostitis of the Ninth and Tenth Dorsal Vertebrae, in

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276. — Hilbert (R.) Eiiie Modification de.s Scbeiner'-

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throat and is rapidly diffused. Eosinophilia is marked. 2. ^Ieasles. —

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as an example. Lessened amount of urea from a healthy kidney is

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ditions as a result of the judicious dis ribution of the funds

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muscles of the perineum from the urethra or from anything else.

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by the immoderate consumption of alcoholic liquors.

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been described by Metcalfe in certain species of Opalina, parasitic

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cases, says the author, are recorded because in all these pa-

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relations — in some memoirs communicated to the Royal Acad-

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when suppuration ensued, if proper provision was made for

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occipital region were able to determine the relative positions

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1 Loeb, J., Arch. ges. Physiol, 1901-02, Lxxxviii, 68; Avi. J. Physiol, 1901-02,

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lowship and Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons a

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swim into a capillary tube, which, filled with an at-

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phoretic powders are a very good medicine to be used

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throat, a feeling of soreness in the chest, and complains of a disa-

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tion of large doses of bromide and iodide of potassium

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Note. — Nov. 1st, 1874. — During the past summer and fall there

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in the history of medicine in Minnesota. The great growth of the institution from

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open, (a) is a view of the bowel-blade, and accurately

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cessive inrtuence u})on the muscular layer of the bronchial tubes, and that

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served to prevent any considerable exsanguination of

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muscular effort, and may take place in a perfectly nor-

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This bill is an attempt to revise practically the whole of our

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a stone, and is arched like the back of a turtle"; whereas

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the course of the costal arch, thence radiating beneath the left scapula. At

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