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sider the possibility of pregnancy prior to instituting therapy
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obstinate cases. Cold baths must be given with care ; for
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Many wonderful cures of persons far gone in lung dis-
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contrary there was observed a progressive gradual cirrhosis
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ate of the University of Pennsylvania, class of '61, at Wash-
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I. ā€” Commanding Officers. ā€” Col. Dyke, of the 7th Regiment
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The responsibilities of our Medical Society now clearly extend beyond medical
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loathe, more and more, the condition which makes my
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in the blood-picture or (at least according to the author's theory, introduced below)
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as a surgeon, that every case of diagnosed and every case of sus-
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which the cells assume such a property of self-multiplication that their
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some time been assistant to Prof. Noel Paton in the Physiological
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Nifrop-lvcerin * ^' "^' Stewart, * n the JĀ° urna l A. M. A., calls at-
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in the treatment of superficially seated growth of vulva,
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to reflect underlying pathology in the large or small bowel,
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from the premises that tarsal amputations are followed,
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N. Y., 1893, xliii, 711-714. ā€” Marx (S.) Some remarks
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lation increases in a geometrical proportion, while the means
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a dissection I made of a case of low diffuse cellular inflamma-
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it seems to be in now in England, Dr. H. G. Davis, then of New
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a decided check, ignorant and brutal prejudices appear
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A patient, in whom the portio vaginalis had been amputated two years pre-
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completed without them. Dr. Montgomery distinctly states,
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the monsoon. As reproduction and invasion take place in coinci-
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liy Dr. (J. Frank I.ydrtton, of l'liieu>;o ; "Tiophic Ciianges loliowiiiK'
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of the vice. But I cannot follow him through all the trials
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minims of tincture of calumba, 15 minims ol glycerine,
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An analysis of fasting blood glucose was first made for
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over and above her endowment, to meet the operating
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first twenty-four hours. After that time, if the symptoms have not dis-
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The patient presented a large transversal scalp wound in the
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incurable disease of the middle ear." On page 585 he cites cases of

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