Estrace Cream Directions Vs Premarin Cream

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it; but the law requires that they shall keep a book for that pur-

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considers the diagnosis of gastric diseases much easier than is

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as you said they should be. It is my candid opinion that your

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Speaking of the causes of deafness, he says, '^ It has been supposed

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ritis bo known to exist, with or without pneumonitis (oflener the latttf),

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these deformities can be cured by an early and skilful

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temperature 103°.5; 28th, morning, pulse 114; respiration 24 ; temperature 103°; evening,

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Fatique. — What has just been said with regard to wet and cold

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and Chosroes, transferred the scene of his activities

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in collecting and verifying facts. — Editors of Dublin Medical

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one-half to five weeks, sometimes terminating by crisis

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It is surprising to find that substances so reputedly

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and instructive, but not conclusive with reference to

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data as an antecedent affection after infancy and cliildhood. The menin-

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worthy of comparison with the antipyretic method, />.,

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only in these parts that the phenomena of dysentery become localized.

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But there are other virtues which the testicular juices

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forms me tliat he has seen cases of surgical pysemia which he had reason

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Lebert and Velpeau have recently shown that there is no confidence to be

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the retina, Wolfe advocates the paracentesis of the sclera at a

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Section III.— The Litoral, Malarial, or Paludal Fkvbrs.

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every prostate atrophies after castration, or how much

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and hydrochloride may be used if the cough is very irritable. Brown

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