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disappearance of at the beginning of old age 16, 17

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also Abyssinia are relatively free. The western shore of the Bed

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but no murmurs and no hypertrophy. Enlarged spleen.

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and Allle W. Williams, lieutenant and asst.-surgeon, U. S. A.

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and one-half to three months after splenectomy, four

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even in the daytime." Dr. Harris states: "No case left the hospital

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Statistical Report of the Health of the Navy, for tlie year 1899.

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(4) The inoculation of this emulsion confers immunity against further

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certain animals have a much greater predisposition to produce

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independent of external impressions. This state constantly oc-

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flammation but no formation of pus. If the damage is

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This, I think, is the dominant impression left in the minds of

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time and leave more thorough surgical treatment until after recovery

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umbilicus) is the remains of the duct connecting the foetal bladder

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case. Electricity was employed for two separate and distinct

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vailing epidemically among the natives.'' Most of^the other

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tics — Quinine — Strontium ; Constitutional Dis-

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moval of foci of infection, according to clinical observation, showed

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from five to ten per cent, being found even in fasting animals.

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calls the "general-welfare clause" of the Constitution. If

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affections have occurred in the same individual is rapidly on the increase.

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dioxide partial pressure as altitude increases. As the partial pressure

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Central and Peripheral Nervous System Hyperkinesia, blepharospasm,

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for any general consideration, except as to results ;

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color them — shapes the jessant and the salient, the respectant and regardant,

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I Worning; Although generolly sofer ihon the ompheiomines, use with greoi coution in

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1 the serous infiltration by scarifications, the best caustic

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minuria. He had never seen glycosuria in post influ-

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Phila. M. J., 1898, i, 949-956. Also, Reprint." J. Zso ; Penn.

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month of June the fever persisted, once reaching 103°, usually

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twice, a dark -green, bilious fluid. Relief followed free purga-

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