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When we are percussing the apices, the patient should, if possible,
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facts from an old field in a new and interesting way. For years
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Pajot takes a laminaria-tent, two millimetres dV in.)
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through whose kindness I have been able to read the clinical
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grasp his right wrist with your left hand (fig. 345). The unconscious
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Besides the four examples which had occurred in Dr. Buzzard's practice, he had
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of sausages. Dr. Ellis saw him a second time in July, when the symp-
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rendered " refractory " to the most recent and intense contagion, or to the
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Ix)RrMEB. John, M.D., L.R.C.8. Edin., L.S.A., Medical Practitioner of
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months. There was no history of nasal or throat trouble. Her
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portion of blood which is attacked loses its vitality,
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Most of these are too complicated to interest the general
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ing contents gained by thorough lavage. It usually contains leukocytes
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was itching. The next marning he noticed that the eyelids
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my last visit, except that his pulse is more frequent and quicker. Ordered
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Illustrations other than the author's will not be accepted
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obnoxious, in common with all parts of the body, to these
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notice, by premonitory symptoms, which are not difficult to be removed by medical aid. It is not
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results were obtained on the day of the patient's entry
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scribed is the most efiicacious, for it can be employed with
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found that they are now perfectly good after standing for
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and surrounding soft tissues. The pulmonary lesions are at times
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ance, but maintain the seat. The distinction between the
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extreme intensity which it here exhibits must be owing to some other
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ivory ball. — (See Photo-lithograph, Plate II., Pig. 1.) In
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board is considering an IBM type of re-registration
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abundant occasions for citing illustrations of this fact in treating of indi-
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resolution. As you are all aware Dr. Logan was a very intimate friend of my own. I do
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accident, and walked home. A doctor saw him at 9 p.m., and
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with eczema about the lids and nostrils, a running from the nose, and
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produces. I have known several, and have heard of more^
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use of hygienic and medicinal measures — certainly it can so be
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