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fested, and later disappeared, excepting a slight bladder

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year to year until it now constitutes the largest and strong-

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The neutralizing effect on the tumor-producing agent of the ex-

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volition and by consciousness of being observed. There is no elevation

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nearly twenty years ago. I have for several years been partial to

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M.A.^ Ph.D.; ftc. In this paper Dr. Letheby describes the

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As, however, each kind of chamber may singe at different

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I venture to call attention to another circumstance too often

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!.,■. .ilttT (xnn I.'. Ill- .iiki pri'i'.iut inn. ln-cii uur fxporii'iux — i- Jitliiull in

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the right iliac region of six weeks' duration. Abdominal section

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vesicles dried up on the seventh day. (This patient was

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to its former position. Its movement is less extensive than in floating

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was able to swallow freely, and. was therefore made an out-

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returns to normal. Probably the most favorable symptom is

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The objections this method had to combat were valid only to a

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distinctive. Headache and vomiting are common, the latter

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mata, St. Cecilia and St. Anthony of Padua, in Murillo's

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described cases, or discussed the disease in general terms, and have bestowed

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nence. The action of thesphincter will probably im-

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verted peristaltic action ; and, secondly, from the excitement of

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shade, according to the degree of the inflammation, its stage, and

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effusion of serum into the pleural cavities ; sudden infiltration of

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inability to meet three. Although the present compilation does not

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