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pestifera, repeating the names of Egyptian, Syrian ulcer, by which it
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eral times, has shown only slight traces of albumin, but
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tlie healthy unimpre<rnated cervix uteri will hear rapid
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less in size than its fellow, the exit of the lens had to be promoted by pressure
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always be remembered, however, that the degree of sensitization which a certain
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the Royal Commission we learn that in England and Wales 271,000
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Gilbert and Herscher. Physiological Stercobolin, Soc. de Biol., 1907, lxiii, 452.
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are affected in all cases before the cord itself. The reason is obvious ;
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tree, boiled until of the taste and color of strong coffee, with or without sugar,
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for the disease to develop so late as in the cases reported by Dr.
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shows considerable waddling movement and when she is standing up
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1897. Smith, A. Lionel H., M.B.C.S., Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge.
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university, and the supposed unfair championship of whom, though I have ob-
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sure at stool, as if the bowels would be forced out, and the discharge of
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when the lids are greatly swollen, the conjunctiva is con-
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operation as soon as it is evident that repair will not take
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Oleum Gaultherice (Oil of Wintergreen). A volatile oil distilled
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examination of such samples that any article of food or drug offered to be im-
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ease is the single pustule at the corneal margin, with yellow infil-
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which would excite the interest of his fellows, and give rise to
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spontaneously. In the latter event a protrusion between the ribs shows itself:
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the action and influence of medicines generally, and the
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this time the hypertrophied heart is beginning to flag in its efforts to
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6. Per contra, bone or joint tuberculosis would never
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and thick, generally studded externally with calcareous matter.

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