Too Much Estrace Symptoms

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increase of up to 200,000 visits per year by 1980. This estimate reflects a

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excellent thing for the country if no new laws were made

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Auxiliary fund raiser to buy items for the pediatric wing of

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each day or it may rise suddenly from normal to 103° or 104° F.

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and the ends cut short. The silk sutures are tied alter-

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and convulsions soon after its birth, was confined on

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by removing parts of clothing too soon after coming into the

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similar character, is now at the Massachusetts General

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It is, however, exceedingly probable, that muscular fibres of ex-

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Paris, which was surveyed the other day and valued at

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increased intensity. As in the last case, no eruption could he discovered

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' Vide *'0n a SnccoBafnl Mothod of treating Acnto Rheuniatlsm by Large and

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sinus inflammation, gastro-intestinal derangements, resistant and

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so markedly hyperesthetic, that thorough removal of the

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the notice of appeal, and paid the penalties inflicted on hira by

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specific death rates to the standard population is considerably less than

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occur if the drug were given slowly was not ascertained. Ether

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were found to contain collections of an inky or tarry fluid, which

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Garrod has, however, in the lectures above referred

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results obtained by some observers were thought so important that

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in lymph-spaces and lympli-vessels, in the muscularis mucosae, submucosa, between

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make it appear to me very probable that, at the time of a small-pox

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enlargements as depend on air within; by fluctuation, the fluid effu-

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untenable, tliat the horse-pox theory has not been disproved, and that the

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is subsequently diffused through a considerable body of

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Idiopathic variety. — So far I have chiefly dealt with the reflex or

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prominently to this as a symptom of glandular tumors of the chest,

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paratively speaking, has been accomplished since that

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mentioned in the former part of this paper, for the purpose of

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is Brown-Sequard's rule, and the principle involved is to keep

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