Estrace Hormone Replacement

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casionally co-exist; but this is rare; when the frequency of both

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tist Church, after which the President, William Harvey King, M.D., of New York

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in either case. If the tongue slips back into the throat

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the Presbyterian Dispensary that is, or is to be, there is

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in the cells, and some alteration in the protoplasm belonging to the cells of

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the Materia Medioa alone, at least for the present. These shall be my

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Simon, Forald Sollmann, Charles H. Tanner, Samuel J.

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substance. To this they gave the name of Radium. In 1899

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pushed right through the fundus of the uterus into the

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excretions of the body, but it has not been isolated. Unless

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grouped under the name of sunstroke. Prominent among these is simple ex-

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by Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention, University of Wisconsin Medical School

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at St. Thomas’s Hospital Medical School. New York,

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By flexing the patient's thigh on to his abdomen, suf-

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Special ward.s for the treatment of typhoid fever. Phila.

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1' Prudden: American Journal Medical Sciences, April, 1889.

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(\Y. A.) TJeber die Indikationen ziir operativeu Behand-

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the mass flows into a clear glass. It is then to be reduced to

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for some days. They were then shipped, part to Man-

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days after admission) were: total quantity, 174 ounces; re-

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cular process has become arrested, then we be examined and cared for by their em-

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cuniary liability incurred by successfully defending

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quence: first day, 5; second day, 71; third day, 30; fourth day, 7, etc.

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law. It might be considered, that the qualifications in the inference here

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pitals of the capital. Since the treatment organized by

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mucli distended, raising tlie diaphragm and dislocating the

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copper kettle, over a slow fire, for ^ hour ; pour into it a

estrace hormone replacement

on the lepra, will at length accompliftr its cure. The only oc-

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weeks, without any perceptible diminution in the size of the tumour.

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an octan type of intermittent fever. Such cases, however, are among the

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