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for the child was born and struck the floor with some force.

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it is certain that the streptococcus plays a considerable part in human

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that marked on the top screw head of the individual instrument.

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used it locally in erythema with marked benefit; never

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m^ningite" propag6e par les parti-sans de I'exent^ration

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External manipulation of foetus in utero, to rectify

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casionally co-exist; but this is rare; when the frequency of both

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aerobic, and grows at temperatures between 20 and 42 C, the most

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K(f^v6po^ cylinder -f Kc^aXfy head. ] The condition

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and natural heat on the surface, and as vigorous capillary

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wrist ; in fact, it was difficult to count the heart-beats with the ear over

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old, with a sacral myelo-meningocele, in which he em-

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The drugs that take first place as nerve-sedative are the bromides

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know of them, and yet in both cases, if they are well known, they give an

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ciples encourage the exercise of this right in the following

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tion often falls far short of truth. We know only too well

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relapsing salpingitis I have met with large hydrosalpinx and broad ligament cy^ts.

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acute catarrh of the mouth, seldom without premonitory symptoms, hav-

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the use of intravenous and intraprostatic injections

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phied. Four years later she had a similar attack of blindness, but not complete.

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ing boxes, special chrome furniture or rugs, special lighting equipment, and half the cost

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less numerous, they stained poorly and varied very much in size. With

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pression of organic actions, loss of appetite, and deranged diges-

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overcome by death. One can extend this parallel further to the

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recourfe to the- knife. Now, to enable the furgeon to aft

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volunteered for Service, and was killed in action a few days later.

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