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and skill, already given reputation and dignity to a branch of med-
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toneum of the lesser pelvis was the only part involved, and in another
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trosuccorrhd'a with ulcers and consecutive anatomical py-
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not an easy task, and I doubt very much whether it can be accomplished
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fact they are characterised more or less by negative appearances.
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this combination is not at all i)leasant ; it is keen and
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Dr koUrl Siirling, 4 v<M«///'/d<-<', /Vr/A,
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Statistical Report of the Health of the Navy, for tlie year 1899.
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treasurers of ilie Council Ijad received), towards defray-
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temperature of which is mild and agreeable, he refers to the statement of that
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' * paralysis agitans' ' is not appropriate. I n fact,
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which is a larger opening, the porus ojyticus, through
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their report say that " the all but unanimous conviction of the
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more frequent than is generally assumed. In the author's private
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the first enrollee and $200 for each additional enrollee
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retentive throughout the paroxysm. Vomiting is not usually so obstinate
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He allowed the patient to lie down during the opera-
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played by the urethral orifice in the sexual act has not,
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tic operation to diminish the palpebral fissure and elevate
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In Cask 2, the nj^vus occupied the upper eyelid of a child 6
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but suddenly exclaimed in a great rage to the maid-servant:
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the other two the pus found its way to the surface.
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