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this period there were 16,718 deaths, and the mortality-
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the cause of this condition and then proceeds to give
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of. Loss of appetite, coated tongue, nausea, and a tendency to vomiting
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being the one thing essential to success. With that idea I
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cities in this country. The explanation of the fact is probably to be found
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of the part which retains it longest; the right heart, the muscular sys-
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Mayr,t who could not verify their accuracy. Moreover, Leichten-
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usually paid to the catarrhal symptoms during and after
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tion may be heard with inspiration and expiration as high as the lower third of the
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ing the lumps in the tongue. All her children had been born before
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cines for sale, but even trade in sponges and tooth-
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decubitus, the case can be lined with a specially constructed water-
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can be classified, well cared for, and made the subject
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common sense between cover and cover ; many quotations are
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Frauenklinik in Prague during twelve years, and gave the source
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word used as a title, and which now salutes your ears for
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tor says that in addition to the fact that the breed is
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posed in such a manner as to render the intestinal liquid acid.
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of inflammation follow, then the caffein and nitrites must be discon-
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Cardiff fTnion.— James Milward M.R.C.S.E., L.S.A, to the Cardiff East
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death of the fetus. The case referred to may be but a greatly exag-
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still present, therefore he entered immediately upon a second
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Battleground Academy, Franklin. There Ashby Patterson won the Oratorical
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women after nephrectomy can bear children without very great danger,
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was not milky : it did not contain a larger quantity of fat than healthy blood
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a robust and vigorous man of his stature, with all the concomitant power,
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writer. His original observations have been published
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amounts given above. The feeds were valued as follows: Corn meal,

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