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cultis, griseo-glaucis, griseis, demun brunneolis, sparsis; in saccharo officinarocommixto

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beginning with a serious irritation of the ovarian plexus

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It would be well, however, Dr. Engel says, if revaccination were to be intro-

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facts as above related. I examined the patient as if I had

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S. — Miiller made a series of 18 experiments on patients

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dead body, the effects we have attributed to our treatment has evidently

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accomplished much good. Even the imperfections to which

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have an antecedent ; and since the comma bacillus does

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for some time used in his clinic a short, light, " children's microscope," of

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creased and finally became bloody, until at the end of

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Mr. Stiakt-Low : 1 wish to protest against it going forth from tliis

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attack of trismus, and its whole infancy was stormy in the

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The teeth appear to have been only partially developed, with the

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perature was F. 102°, her pulse 140. She had evidently

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separated from one another, and they form a chain, the widely dissimilar

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serous or peritoneal : indeed, in those cases in which the mu-

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Philosophy, Physical Geography, and Botany, with special reference to

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"We, the undersigned, assuming that entire liberty of thought

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parent rather than real, and is often caused by a lobed form of the tonsil.

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and by degrees raises himself to the sovereign power, employing, to

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4. Dr. Chambers says : " Disease is a deficiency of

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time when the bile is discharged into the intestine ; but as most animals

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Northwest. Lancet, St. Paul, 1894, xiv, 172.— Wilcox (S.

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facts are borne in mind the significance of the symptoms is obvious. The

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through this tube until the operation cavity has shrunk up and dis-

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1874, xvi, 115-117.— Ricard (A.) Fistule v6sico-ut6rine;

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and therefore it should be one of the first consider-

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subject only to rheumatism ; his brothers and a sister are all extremely

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An abundant hemorrhage is sometimes followed by the rapid develop-

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branchial clefts. Most diverticula, however, are not of this nature, but

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