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softness of tissue, early diffusion, and early metastasis is conmion
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there are seen six or eight nerve-cells in various stages of granular degenera-
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ANATomcAL Appearances. — In acute glossitis the whole tongue
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this entertainment. High tea over, and the photographer having
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from the periphery. Unequal and imperfect transmission of sensory
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pushed in front of the examining finger, as a finger glove is pushed
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advantages than that of avoiding the irritation of threads bang-
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an observance of the most scrupulous decorum from his class. He always
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An abundant hemorrhage is sometimes followed by the rapid develop-
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violent vomiting), belladonna, which is Willson (American Journal of the Medi-
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the absence of menses and presence of great weakness.
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exposed derma dry, and generally of a livid colour.
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utter blank and the sensations of pain and hunger even are
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the Circulation of the Bloody are attempted to be Elucidated. By James
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forceps but not pituitrin. I have used castor oil, quinine and pituitrin,
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through the nairow passage produced in this disease. The sound is
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ern and Northern Armies, treatment had little or no influence in lessening the rate
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indicated, in the respiration of warm blooded animals, appears to
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four stitches placed at each corner. The two anterior stitches are
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the catamenial secretion, and occasionally it has been known to produce
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small mononuclears were 27 per cent., the large mononuclears
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times the extension is transversely, all parts of the cord in turn being
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being perfectly normal. In these infants, on different days,
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method was not applicable in the case of very fat patients.
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body and limbs these attacks resemble catalepsy. In the case just re-
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4. The Surgical Therapy of Benign and Malignant Tumors of
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once saturated, so to speak, with alkali and enough al-
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complication, and soon told upon the nervous system, the
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formation, of the psychology of childhood (and so of education),

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