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different with the thorax; here we would have to place

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History : A most intemper.ite man ; had gonorrhoia thirty

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tumor pressing upon one of the recurrent laryngeal ner^'es.

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been advised. The hypodermic injection of morphia may be re-

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being made to render every thing pertaining to the wants

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greater curvature towards the pylorus. In four cases the

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him in discovering the nature of fever, and framing for it a

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tenfold its normal amount, if the animals survive the operation two to tour days.

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by the living tissues to the decomposition of <, have been taken as food or drink, and poisons

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in theair-tubee ; short, anxious, and rapid breathing, dry, fatiguing cough,

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the last date the perfected operation has been in the hands of surgeons at

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died soon after admission, and their disease was returned as

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color both in the large and in the small branches of the air-pas-

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unction and utility, to labour in your profession generally.'

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side, paralysis of sixth pair. The only conclusion that clinical

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tant to bear this in mind when , we are trying to fix the seats of certain

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troubles, and the possible cure of superficial and recurrent

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recommended for employment " in the early stages in strong mid-

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typhoid fever, and insanity deserve to be noted. The etiology of gangrene

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blade, and, by means of a screw, so fixed as to regulate the depth of penetration,

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shown to the last in the gift of his valuable collection of

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greenish-yellow colour outside, but'are white and cheesy within,

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to regard Paul as almost one of their active members.

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nearly perfect, and it also developed the fact that the opera-

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to act upon, and consequently, early perceptions are readily recalled, while

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any cures, until a very long time passe men caecum at the dorsum of the tongue,

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in the medullary cavity, and the two fragments pointed inwards and

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