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need the latter extensively for a long time by the medium of

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Extractum Ipecacuanhce, Fluidum. Fluid Extract of Ipecac.

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Lastly, ursemic symptoms are not unfrequent, especially headache and

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filth, over-crowding and wretchedness, and also in Cattle-lane, and the

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the branchial and other embryonic fissures, and are

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myelin sheaths lying next to an area whose fibres had all their myelin

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In regard to the point made by Dr. Hooper with reference

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the improvement in the cell count and in the Wassermann reaction.

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One of the most remarkable features of the mobilisation of

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ginger and nux vomica and mix thoroughly. Then add about 15

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in Fig. 21. Vessels are no longer visible but the iris is distinctly clouded and

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manipulation is frequently needed when the vagina is

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wide-spread, or timited to one lobe or one lung ; where there

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claims to have suffered for the last fifteen years from intense

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their teaching — how blind we are to their warning

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were only 3.54 per cent, of the entire number of cases treated during this period.

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The Diabetes Center provides a hospital-based comprehensive program

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a systolic bellows sound, heard loudest over the base of the heart,

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phyllin and macrotine was mostly withheld, diaphoretic powders, contain-

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cipally in the second part of its course, but extending

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by larger and more irregular swaying movements. This unsteadiness

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The Relation of Housing to the Isolation of Scarlet Fever and to Return Cases.

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A. A. S. Harriss, A. H. Hopkins, E. C. W. Hughes-Games, R. H. Humphreys,

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becular, or in the auricles. These coagula are found more frequently

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On Paracentesis of the Pericardium. By Dr. A. Trous-

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ments. Army M. Dep. Rep. 1889, L<md., 1891, xxxi, 337-

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