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The Preface of Dioscor ides' Materia Medica: Introduction, Translation, and Commentary
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anticoagulant response to activated protein C; Prediction of a cofactor
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La Grippe is no exception. Appearing among us as it did several years ago, it returned
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tells us not to eject the mucus or phlegm from one's nose into a
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or parts of the colon, the disappearance of distention on passing the rectal
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He is now preparing for articulation the bones of the celebrated horse
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On post-mortem examination the uterus was found to be infested with dark
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pia. No examination could now be made of the orbital mar-
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agglomeration which can be expressed by squeezing the lung tissue, and,
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liver. The fact that the greater part of the nitrogen of the food
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Fneumonia, i. e. acute lobar pneumonia, has strong claims on clinical
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the bile ducts and remove the parasites from the ducts.
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The right auricle receives an inferior and a superior (right)
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110. Also: Itev. d'hyg.. Par., 1891, xiii, 245-201!. — rVot-
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she had a violent attack of convulsions, and this was fol-
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The C. G.Jung Center of Philadelphia, 2008 Chancellor
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normal course by the concomitant fever. For the patient, however, it is all-im-
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years of age, during his sporls with his playmates, had
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which capability is proportionate to the degree of certainty
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ments and clinical observations which demonstrate that at any rate the
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tions small epidermic islets, I cover with large flaps several centimetres square
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autoclaved. When the yield in proteoses became small a final hydrolysis with
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Department of Public Instruction, State Library, Concord.
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when the body is. already delivered, it is as well adapted as it is ill
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the heart, while its left is only moderately full ; the large vessels are
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surrounding a residuum. The parasite that gives rise to these naked
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" I cannot write, myself, but must use the pen and hand of
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and that body weight has relatively a slight influence. These
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phia to the Mayor, for 1865. 8vo. pp. 66. Philadelphia. . . . 512

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