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houses in the vicinity of the dairy were supplied with milk

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Assistant-Commandant, .and Acting-Governor, special ; Captain of Orderlies,

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but none of them had turned out favourably. In one of his cases

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gastric disturbances, jaundice, and muscular pains, particularly

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ology and German, Individual Laboratory and Practical Work by each student; Free Quizzes by members of the

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Diagnostic Instr. (General) Blood Chemistry Systems Exam Lights

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solutions of nitrate of silver, ten to thirty grains to the ounce, with

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course of measles, scarlet fever, small-pox, and typhoid

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tagious as typhus. The facts, moreover, do not lend support

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partook freely of the milk. The officers drank "mixed" milk collected

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with the forefinger resting upon and ])rojecting beyond the lower blade, and

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resist boiling, so that the infected flesh is also injurious after cooking. The

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An attentive consideration of the foregoing arguments has led me, in

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that the primary affection is almost invariably ovarian or tubal.

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cess, which should always be awarded to patient industry and talent.

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which grows in very wet places, has an ash-colored bark,

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spleen, especially in the amyloid substance from the pulp and follicles, but in

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A third cause of death by the above-named diseases in Spring time is

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and decidedly tones the whole muscular system. It also lessens

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The following modest card of this enterprising firm, it is hoped will receive

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base of the lower jaw. It commenced as a pimple soon after

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and a hole drilled in each plate for the eye to look through, at c.

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Symptoms referable to intestinal ulcerations, such as diarrhoea or

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paralysis of the right leg and arm, paralysis of right

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nation and Revaccination for the Eradication of Smallpox. This report

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baen cut and branded, thus depriving them of the benedictive

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it has shrunk and retracted. The opposite breast presents nothing

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and which enables them to absorb tissues with which they are in

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