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The next case was curious in this respect, that the child who was the
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artificial stimulation establishes in the habitue a
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This method was first described by Walker of the Department of
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the new comer have introductions to them. The tame rule holds good
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tive, end in atrophy, we must acknowledge some unknown
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the return of diseases which recur periodically, pos-
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shooting and boring pains in the left half of the head. These
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Thomas wire splint (fig. 294) has proven very satisfactory, spe-
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of pulse and temperature. The child grew worse during the day
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one being to promote copious elimination, the other to
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descanting on ten of the principal miracles of the Saint. Monte
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cavernosum. The sloughs were cut away with scissors. Recovery followed.
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, fully developf-d, we meet with so much difficulty,
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no case of implantation infection of malignant disease has been so far charged
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Petersburg, one of the poorest regulated, from a sanitary stand-
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Measles belongs to the class of eruptive fevers, which includes
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The Percentage Designation of Medicated Gauzes.— The
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order to complete our view of the doctrine of Infinitesimals.
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Let us no w consider in w hat cases it would be advisjible to
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interest of both physicians and surgeons, and caused
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Gov. Bd. 188L', Loud., 1883, xii, 92-97.— Oresswcll. Ee-
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derived from porrigo, to spread. Willan described six kinds of Porrigo,
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cyanosis are present at different times, even though fundamentally polycythemia is
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6. Convert 47 degrees Centigrade to Fahrenheit and give method.
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The indications for the use of remedies are specially worthy of com-
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impression is the indefinite expression "blood poison-
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attributed the return of his trouble to having let a heavy
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daily admission rates per 1,000 are as follows: disease and non-
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symptoms are obscure, and the malady often misinterpreted. A common
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ment are in themselves distinct propositions, which a number
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