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Fl<i. 4. Posterior Surface of the Anterior Abdominal Wall Peritoneum in position. Inguinal

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M. D.'s experience, however, is all in favour of electrolysis in thoracic aneurism ;

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study did not indicate as much variation in herniorrhaphy.

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to March 11th, 1708. The Earl of Pembroke, then Lord

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important duty of this Council to [ oint o it who is qualified,

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attempt to balance himself while endeavoring to walk in a straight

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Suffolk .Medical Society, by Dr. Douglas Graham, of a

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initiated, but that is not true ulcer. When we found

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To meet this problem, the general staff authorized this new grade

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any other that the writer has learned of, until the use of the anthrax antigen

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hver was ansemic, the gaU-bladder distended. The vena cava was

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degrees if the original disease, or the pain resulting therefrom,

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only for cosmetic reasons, but because they at the same

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night. Finally, the dementia may become complete, and the patient become

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are some of the possible concomitant problems? Poor

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bone-conduction in the closed ear better than in the other may be due

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5. Organic alterations of the valves are almost always in the left

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completion of the diagnosis should be placed at the dis-

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Ueber die Nichtschlussfahigkeit des Pylorus, Sammlung klinischer Vortrage von

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recently advocated by the Canadian authorities" — stands niidway

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at any rate, the operation of election. The indications for perform-

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played great learning and research. As one practically ac-

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modifying chronic inflammatory processes, but in itself has no antiseptic

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GoxzALES, S. M., acting assistant surgeon, now in New York City,

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handsome octavo volume of 414 pages, with 113 engravings; cloth,

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Bt<Mnach and inte9tines, in four fatal cases of tetanus ; and Andral has recorded a ctfc,

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Subscriptions may begin at any date. The safest mode of remit-

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Causes congestion of the head and neck, is likely to cause congestion of tin,

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