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estrace administration
sometimes observed. The Peyerianand solitary glands remain unaffected.
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Intestinal obstruction in a child : Treatment by Bella-
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tended over the abdomen. She was taken into the hos-
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Loretin (meta-iod-ortho-oxy-chinolin-ana-sulphonic acid), the
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Annual Meeting, third Thursday in April; semi-annual, third Thurs
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We in vain attempt to unravel the wonders which occasionally startle us. But
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was started by syphilis. It is doubtful, however, whether
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jects are so much affected by gravity and other stronger influences
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boring tissues, muscles, fascia; and cellular interspaces.
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at what age the demodex appears on the skin. Is it ever found in children or
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I have; found that a current of 200 milliamperes is well
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cancer or tuberculosis does not respond to the sun baths. How-
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having a heart-murmur assumed a wider range than was
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Examination: It was evident that the epiphysis was injured
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CME meetings on an annual basis alternating between
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a form that could, by any possibility, produce a disregard of
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patients with them when the defect is due of the North Carolina Society, it was with
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are a]>plicable with slight modifications to all civilized races.
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the title De Ilixi, with alhasch as a marginal variant,
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incubation for experimental malaria is: Quartan, fifteen days; spring tertian,
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may be serious or even fatal. (Edema of the uvula may be annoying and
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Any extended comments on these tables are "of course
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dition which exists in a host of individual diseases. The study of inflam-
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then other cerebral symptoms followed, and after a few
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other ; then a windy suspiration so as to insure a good round utterance ;
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his life work, he can have nearly every modern appliance
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are decidedly better able to bear fatigue in the fore-
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accurate methods, on which to attack the findings of physiologists
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kidney transplants is becoming routine at many centers. 25-31
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pistols, and a sword that Gen. Pulaski gave me." " How was yeu sure

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