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Sketches illustrating attitudes in Pott's disease (Figs. 20 and 21) 265
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perfect health. This is termed the stage of calm, perhaps because it often
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to patient; the whole surface of the abdomen was covered with a poultice
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If the consulting physician be not fully satisfied with the information
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verticiil iiirision, without removi 'ir it from the
estrace oral ivf video
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and along the outer edge of the tibia in front. When
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Further, with regard to symptoms, of which pain is the type,
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Inn Lane, and was pathologist to tlie Cancer Hospital.
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tricity in the treatment of congestions and inflammations
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attributed the return of his trouble to having let a heavy
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and the very complete account of its doings, published under the care of the
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had satiated the world with crude remedies administered irre-
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be given individual treatment, depending upon circumstances.
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emigrants during their illness. Most, if not all, had
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48.0 heat units. So that a person weighing 150 lbs. (75 kilos.)
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tion. A little anterior to this period, his father and
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understand from studying the physical aspect of the disease, does
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K. A drop or two of muriatic acid is added, and the mixture,
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the urine, two questions of great interest at once present them-
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to the spinal cord, and there excite muscular motion ?
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Changes in the character and disposition are manifest ; irritability and

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