Difference Between Estrace And Estradiol Patch

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gloomy in the extreme ; no medicinal agent has the slightest effect in

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Anecdotes. — The Polka: Interesting Physiological Discovery: La Grande

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Dviously asphyxia ; an ear of corn was found fixed in the air-passages.

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incentive to noble thoughts and noble actions, and that

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however, in making the diagnosis, to know that the other kidne}' is in good,

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similar experiments, the results of which he communicated to the Medical

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the explosion of a long train of antecedent preparations." —

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cannot obscure the fact of our continued prosperity. One } r ear ago the

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brings them into constant contact with horses, such as hostlers, drivers,

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rendered necessary by the rapid progress of medical

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in the pockets of the soldiers. I therefore remain firm in my opinion,

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this calamity ; as they have it now in their power, by

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discussion: 1. The treatment of lupus by the new methods.

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paper on "Education and Crime" will be of interest to all

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gotten up, containing within its flexible covers a vast amount of

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March 3d. — Quieter ; pulse, 96 ; temperature, 101.8°

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the inflamed skin and the subjacent adipose and cellular textures,

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increase the scant number of cases heretofore known, by a

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without due judgment ; and later the memory .may be defective also.

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is an absolute necessity. When a good nurse cannot be had, the attending

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they ought at first to be kept separate from the rest.

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At 2 p. m. the members reassembled and listened to the annual

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attempt to explain, suggests an obvious and beautiful explanation of

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the act of swallowing always gives him intense pain. He states that

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there's nothing new in this. Cold has been long ago

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civilization and religion among people who gravely at-

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the ensuing year, and a variety of interesting and instructive

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set-screw to abduct the limb, in the few cases where it is desirable, were de-

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and then notes are compared as to the conditions found.

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world, to be successful one must offer as good an article as

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