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retinoscope, ophthalmometer, or " refractometer " to guide his
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cury, to pass them over in silence ; for in this state it
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duced. The moment the tip of the sound enters the stomach, this
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recoveries, 369fc ; 19 cases of localized peritonitis, 9 recoveries,
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lesions were not present. The clinical history was, however, quite
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arteries, passing through the midst of the morbid and gelatinous mass,
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symptoms are : great emaciation, with craving appetite; enlargement and
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trace whatever of a morbid enlargement. Two years later
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form of malarial poisoning, since the former has always a fairly long
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Rhachitis and Scrofula. In the paper above quoted Dr. Behrand re-
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in their incipient stages, and are treated as influenza, much to the
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acetone and 15 per cent, of pyridin have been added. Reduction is effected in a few
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teen days after inoculation. In Series A, both testicles were removed; in Series
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Torino, 1897, viii, 817; 861. — Poche (J.) Uno epidemie
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nsBum, and, for the most part, the sutures in laparotomy, silk
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coronary arteries or the degree of constriction or incompetency
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be of sufficient strength toi effectually destroy the bacilli
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others, as blisters, create it locally, but remove it where it was
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nated with silk sutures involving only the skin and
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which complication has caused much ti-ouble in many of the cases.
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individual cases, except where by serving as types or models
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head, temples and chin, and sometimes also on the neck, shoulders,
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performed. The cut ends of the nerve were found to be separated by
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is often found to be extremely soft, the substance of the cord becoming
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parchment paper , oil - silk , and rubber-tissue can also be employed for
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for this purpose — for instance, vaginal suppositiories of gelatine, a
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of pain, but the urine gave acid reaction to test-paper. The phosphoric
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of theirs in which the state of these organs was noticed, there being, how-
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move in all possible directions, and crepitus could
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countered in operative surgery. But how rarely are such pa-
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bloody, or of mixed mucus and blood, while the discharge of fecal matter
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a patient of Trousseau facial hemiplegia showed itself after a severe fright.

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