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into the pelvis. It was carefully examined and replaced. The
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changes. The good results from antiseptic and elim-
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is needed to triumph ultimately over the morbid action.
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these bodies in cancer. SJObring also contributed to the '
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gram of this product, which makes about 66 mg. of phosphorus,
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hands of the profession, and hence we should not only require the most
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These two signs have been insisted upon and have for some
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Assistant-Surgeon Robert H. Zauner ; Captain William Bowen,
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handling them, washing their clothes and dressing their
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for caries of the ileum. After the discharge from the ileum ceased there
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medical school 'fresh from college'; or fresh from the farm;
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wound in the scalp about an inch in length^ And what was the depth
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extent a question of words, receives an affirmative
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From the fact that, in three of Dr. Phelps's cases, fracture of
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other hand, it is claimed this can not be regarded as a
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place, was confined in the common jail of the county in which the offence
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Mount Sinai HosjAtal is to he given a benefit ball, April
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graph of such a case in a young syphilitic discovered
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noid cartilages were greatly thickened and enlarged. On laying open the

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