Suprax Oral

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(poxri y.<><r!L<)o was constructed by the Demiurgos of

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mittee of One Hundred will be appointed as the official

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of two with enemata of quinine and thymol, i to 500

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vent, and nutrient effects, and cites cases treated

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tions. To convince the sceptic, such patients can be

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be concentrated upon this element of the problen". of

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most severely, and it is to be regarded as the primary

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the faeces in early cases or in the anaesthetic form.

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ovarian cyst twisted on its pedicle, mesenteric cysts,

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White, J. H., Surgeon. Detailed to represent the Serv-

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above icq and remains there, interference is proper.

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diagnosis, but it is possible to dwell too much upon

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clusive of stillbirths, numbered 565, corresponding to an

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vain ; only cursing followed, and the devil mocked the doc-

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might be considerably aft'ected by showing that the

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fell to normal usually ten days before the leucocyte

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endometritis decidualis with retention of the secre-

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a very protracted convalescence, during which time it was

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trained specialist in hypodermic injections, will pro-

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senility the cells of most tissues are retrograding,

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seven ; white. Onset was with general malaise. Pains

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oesophagus, the trachea, and the lower divisions of

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of the patient. The dura was closed with a continuous

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At this point in his remarks, Dr. Downey referred to one case in

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lieves that the final effect not only on the symptoms

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lung cases, excessive cough and expectoration, sud-

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13. The Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer of the

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Board of medical officers convened to meet at the marine

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Case HI. G. K., forty-six years, iron worker, recently

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cardiac stimulant have been systematically used, it

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100.6' F. At the site of injection there was a marked

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