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con-scious state, with dry, brown tongue, subsultus, a low muttering deli-
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tubercle bacilli are deposited and the disease arises. The deposit of the
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obstructive diseases of the nasal cavities are frequent causes of reflex asth-
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of the heart, with increase in the capacity of its cavities. It is most com-
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associated with tubercles. The fibrous changes may be primary, an inter-
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In adults acute miliary tuberculosis not infrequently occurs as a sequela
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over the pericardial space, and the tinkling, splashing, or metallic sound
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structures. Dermoid cysts occur in the tunica vaginalis, in the middle
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rhages, dropsy, and thrombosis of the neighboring veins. The discovery
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the inflammatory products absorbed. Should the abscess attain consid-
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pus, but likewise not in the surrounding connective tissues. The prac-
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obstructions to the free entrance of the air should be removed from the
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cartilages on the left side, or in the fifth left interspace near the junction of the sixth rib with its carti-
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dulncss on percussion, often it is well marked ; in capillary bronchitis
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account for these hemorrhages. These extravasations more frequently oc-
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is atrophied. The ramifications of the vena jjorta are compressed by the
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the stomach at one time. Symptoms of angina pectoris with dyspncea and
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fibrous tissues have formed extensively, and there is persistent contrac-
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"stomachic vertigo." These patients hear a buzzing sound and feel as if a
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pains over the course of the ureters, probably suppu-
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Prognosis. — The prognosis is always grave. The free discharge of a
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portion of the aorta which is embraced by the pericardium are of small size
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cumstances they often indicate a typhoid condition. This typhoid condi-
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Symptoms.— If the hemorrhage is slight it frequently passes unnoticed,
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fluid pulp rich in cholesterin. The tubules are compressed, and their epi-
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Etiology. — Catarrhal laryngeal ulcers are rarely the result of acute la-
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a paroxysm. Diliusible stimulants, sedatives, and anti-spasmodics have all
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traumatic aneurysm results from an injury of the artery. Spontaneous

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