What Is Griseofulvin

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pelvic deformity is extreme does he prefer to follow the

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JouRNAi, A. M. A., xxxTi., p. isplized by VjVJVJV IC

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in this country, have adopted the same title. While

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viz.: etiology, symptoms, complications, and sequels. If these

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not recommend the adoption of continental methods, he thinks

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to explain the bleeding. Gerhardt is inclined to place

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Alleghany Mountain regions, the pine woods regions of the South-

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lives are irretrievably lost by neglect of the methods

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brane of the mouth, alimentary canal or respiratory

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our present needs. They have also authorized the appointment of

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receive a medical diploma in the United States, was the guest

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be generous in order to recompense the physician for his ex-

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supporters; indeed, it is absolutely at variance with

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In his address, the president gave a retrospective view of

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accomplishment, and will do more to put down quackery and expose

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Swieten's solution, obtaining a good result in such cases. His

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public schools, which it was hoped would be opened on May

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neuralgic phenomena, not conspicuous because of their

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India : Bombay, March 26-April 9, 10 deaths ; Karachi, March 1

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the walls of the stomach ; the type of inflammation was

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throughout the province of Ontario during that time. The

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mortem examination disclosed occlusion of the mesen-

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ducing which was discovered by Nicolaier in 1894, and

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for operative purposes by the large openings now in

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process was badly diseased. The pus, finding a second exit

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thoroughly scrubbed with hot water and soap; then with

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subject, described a peculiar sound wted during systole, one

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other conditions. On the other hand, galloping rhytom, deunite

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or pus, congestions and thickenings of the mucous mem-

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temporary duty. To proceed to Quebec, Canada, and report to (be

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urging the prompt application of the antidiphtheria serum.

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danger of shock, and this is the greatest danger in hip-

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that is accompanied by a sense of heat in the face or

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Knight of Grace of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, for

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is a sequel of inspissation of purulent exudates, most

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If the middle zone were a true conic section with a

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This may have a detrimental action on the bacilli, but

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days ago Medical Inspector Leavitt of Camden deported a t)oy

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border is a triangular depression 1.5x2.6 cm. (^zl inch) in

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