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perfectly motionless. At the strict command of the hypnoti-
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Public Health Reports and Papers (Vol. II.) presented at the Meetings of 1874 and
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tificial Hand and Arm. The models you showed me the other
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wards m consultation and found his heart organfcaUy sound,
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and enthusiastic reasoning and his practical success, to write his praise or
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tilage and a "loose body," this being characterized by
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AUSTIN FLINT, M. D., New York County, Fifth District.
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among raters, with anterior acetabular and axial acetabu-
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effort, and on no consideration to sit on close-pan or raise himself or be raised by
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If the fabled genii could offer the student a choice of wishes, the med-
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cations very often failed to restore the skin to the
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tive and wait for this favourable result. That such an event
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took up prominuiit syinptoinH of diHeaHON and gave all the dis-
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— ** Principles and Practice of Veterinary Surgery."
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few weeks after interval operations ; after three or four
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of these animals, was so oppressed with thirst, partly on account of the wound,
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70 cases, and from their further study of these cases they
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Under the supposition that the paroxysm doixinds upon a morbid agency
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an unusually tympanic sound on percussion, often of rai.sed
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nections between the cerebro-spinal and the great sympathetic systems.
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tumor, it was thought advisable to avoid other surgical pro-
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certainly be aborted within the naxt 12 to 24 hours by the administra-
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returned to the soil, serve as necessary manure to stimulate
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more time using the spray. However, I am not much of an advocate
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microphyte, and retaining for an indefinite length of time the power of
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possible. This object may be accomplished by giving at a single dose
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dominal organs leads to compression of the lungs and hampered
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the subject was, however, bad ; the supporters of the minority were unaware
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subarachnoid haemorrhage. Both eyes were examined care-

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