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The PiiESiEEXT : I shall vote for this motion with great

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visability of using as small a catheter as would evacuate

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d. X. internat. med. Cong. 1890. Berl.. 1891, iii, 8. Abtli., 87.—

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Joseph Pancoast, M. D., Professor of Anatomy, Jefferson Medical

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College in 1898, and in the same year, while the Spanish-Ameri-

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First. With a dilated pupil the point of incision should be at least

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has been found to be present the abdominal walls have retained their

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the master. Yet, in the manifestation of such inde-

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The regular monthly meeting of the San Diego County Medical Society A**as

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age by bending sharply forward the portion of the tube

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00 CO C^ tH.CO t*<tHtH •tHC0iOt-<(NI:^(N -IOOOCOtH

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thrown overboard and comes down to pollute the intake

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meeting on Christmas-day, but this reasonable proposal was violently

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to be a bloodless discharge from it. The eyes were hardly, if at all,

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is applied to the neck of a dead child, at any time within an hour after death,

estrace cream price storage

Moore ("London Med. Rec," May, 1883) refers to an epidemic of pneu-

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their science without which the practice of medicine does indeed

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marked septic phenomena, persistence of dysenteric symptoms or of sup-

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in. I was sent for, but arrived too late. When the abscess

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they may be considered as not properly coming within the scope

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de Puerto Eico en el verano del pasado ano. Cllnica, Ma-

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racters of the lungs with the weight, it might be inferred that the organs

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' majr be present in a few cases of epidemio anteraia bnt pericarditis

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cancers are frequently quite small, but if sufficient

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