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These methods naturally fall under two headings : —
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tion whether they are properly so regarded, or whether, as was claimed
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have to work. At this time he spent most of the time
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should be warned not to expectorate on the playground, and
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Dr. Paget presides, give its sanction to this scheme, it
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In the slighter cases there is usually some degree of feverishness,
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is possible to render the air of any particular locality
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cularis muscie, — the outer incision at the outer commissure; the
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The symptoms are sufficiently constant and distinctive.
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to provide a pure drinking-water, since this offers a safeguard against
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vious day. Pain very severe in both legs, and in them alone would he acknowledge to any
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his cases he should have a stenographer and type-writer,
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show that at least three different bacilli may produce toxic substances
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we are not authorized to interfere. Our interference may
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have presented them in a very clear and attractive manner. The typogra-
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Incompatibility means lack of agreement. It may be defined
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It represents a longitudinal cut through the knee-joint, removed at a
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much less pain at any time, while in epithelioma there is
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ods. The hospital is, as many of your readers are aware,
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ways up stream and then obstructing the way with stones,
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number of experiments on catechu, and the extract of rhatany,
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by the study of the cardiac murmurs, as apparently to leave nothing to be
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with the needle. The first or second intercostal space,
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aged 30, delivered 17th October, 1871, after a natural labour, second

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