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lows probably only so far as the general condition of the patient is affected
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same purpose, if not in a shorter time, fully as well. Just before the chloroform was
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culture, elementary woodwork and domestic economy. The result is
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wait for the effect of the belladona and injection, as there was
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absent, or so rapidly completed, or so blended with one another, that they
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may think his arm, but can be improved twenty-five per cent, in
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experience and history during that one day, and grew so
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5. The Exhumation of Long-buried Human Bodies. Riedel.
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it is important to bear in mind certain facts incidentally
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progressively worse for the past twelve months. Asso-
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was predicted that there would soon be psychiatric units
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soothing effect upon the stomach, and was the only article that for the
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these the mixture or substitution of potato starch with the
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operated upon about eighty-three cases with success. There can be
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In addition to that there were reasons to assume tliat
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in alcohol, ether, chloroform, acetic acid, fixed and volatile
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fell into convulsions of the opisthotick kind and he died." Hippocrates Upon Air, Water
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the enlarged form, as described upon p. 164; see Fig. 91) is connected with b by a tube.
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secondary manifestations are more frequently met with than
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canula entered the A'ein ; tiiat the incision could be
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extensive character have been rendered necessary, not
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opening is usually caused by laceration ; or at the cutaneous surface or
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enters at some length into the comparison of the cranial form
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rare. Under the later are included the mechanical, thermal, and chemical
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through the medium of a third person who remains unaffected."
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James Copland, M.D. Edin., c. i84i, 42. 01. g. 1838. Cr. i84i.
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the use of intravenous and intraprostatic injections
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lent itching seizes the foot, especially between the toes, and the
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The future history of the University, the honor of the pro-

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