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hospital and cemetery of Ireland. The deaths registered in the four,
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fluid flowed from the nipple into the breast-bottle (Schropfkaph)
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been made the vehicle for the introduction of medicines in a state of
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The memoranda of instructions to the sanitary officer, after
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into the body of the uterus, opening widely the peritoneal
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and absorbed by the superficial lymphatic system. In the
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Scalding milk or crenm means to bring it to the steaming point over hot
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SURGERY — Surgical Technic, Two Weeks, February 6,
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in areas that are not normal topics of conversation in everyday life.
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mentions it in the time of Hippocrates, and Dr. Fran
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M.A.^ Ph.D.; ftc. In this paper Dr. Letheby describes the
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Ann.d'ocul., Par., 1897, cxviii, 93-95. Also: Ber. ii. d.Ver-
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as advised, -withdrawn from all exertion and excitement, he
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at times rather bitter. While some medical men especially neurologists and
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concerning certain familiar properties of the magnet Wherefore, I
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ties of solanidine. This should be determined to complete the
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allergic or idiosyncratic reactions to meprobamate or related compounds
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total lack of detailed and precise anatomical knowledge, and
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the internal use of bromides nor the topical applica-
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tions drawn up by the Committee. The subject entrusted to
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the blood oozed constantly from his mouth and nostrils. He was restless,
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an irregularly rounded form and from three to eight lines in diameter.
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food. They unite with oxygen in the body and produce a slow com-
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The disease is constitutional, the same as eczema, and the
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Dr. J. L. Peirson, of Salem, wrote a pajier in which he urged the same thing
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examination, the jaws were perfectly united on the left side, and
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by Popow in his animals, it is, it seems to me, legitimate to
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I remember, some yeai-s since, a trial for murder in New York. The
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digested food, and that the typhoid lesions with a tur-
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ception of the affection in his monograph entitled " Ueber ^lyoclonie " ;

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