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cartilage of ivory. In the human tooth, it is an extremely thin stratum
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with the idea that the specialists get larger fees than they really do.
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Ecience as it was known to the best philosophers i ed and original treatise on this all-important branch
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cities and show the difficulties encountered in trying to
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Both the author's and the publishers' parts are well
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Great headache ; tongue brown in centre ; pulse small and weak ; great,
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have to work. At this time he spent most of the time
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At Notting-hill, on the 21st of January, aged 65, Edward Cator
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that in certain instances it assumes the appearance of atavism,
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9th. A lesion of the centre of the pons Varolii will produce
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well as with troops of the line, wUl be apparent from the two
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Not satisfied with the above cogent analogical proofs, our
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who perhaps carried the use of the lancet as far as can be justified,
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contents. The foundation being laid, we have next clearly to keep in view
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less of the phenomena of the typhoid state, Rehapses sometimes occur after
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duty aboard the army transport Sheridan upon the arrival of that
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profuse purulent discharge. Notwithstanding an assidu-
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may occur in the mucous membrane itself. It commences as a small,
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medical treatment is no greater than after gastro-enterostomy. Nor,
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les Galibis. Hull. Soc. d'anthrop. de Par., 1882, 3. s., v,
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divided. All his previous symptoms subsided and defecation
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tions are necessary in relation to the powers granted lo thi»
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■ Case V. — Extensive phlebitis with plugging of the superficial veins
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head of Hysteria. But where it is a consequence of a tendency of
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regiu'gitation through the widened opening occurs secondarily, and con-
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tions of eosin and methylene blue give particularly
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of pathology, Western Reserve University, Cleveland, and Enrique E. Ecker.
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to Osier, associated with either derangement of the junctional system
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patient was sitting up in bed having her dinner, when she suddenly

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