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tive material to every tissue. It is the source of all secre-
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the largest of the kind. Mr. Heath showed drawings of the
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short of it might, considering the reckless manner in
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Indeed, in women who habitually have very difficult labors and re-
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enormous importance in the 19th century and scarcely can be
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the conditions met with in practical disinfection closely enough.
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not be sacreligious to mingle with that a for it to pass out of the stomach before more
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many positions of high trust and honor. He was first Professor of Obstetrics
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awine, which are highly susceptible to both; (3) the tuberculous material from
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of scurvy, whose skin would ecchymose from the slightest pressure, and
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fessor in 1965. He was appointed a Scholar of the Leukemia Society from
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tribute to Holland from an artistic point of view and then
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plasm of the syphilitic giant cell vpas characteristic.
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as before, endeavouring to keep the thyroid alse widely apart with the
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will most probably remove it. A few glasses of lemonade made
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For Biography, see Am. .1. Sc., N. Havcu, 1884. 3. s.,
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the old gentleman, which bears a jaunty, would-be youthful air,
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it abnormal or pernicious. 2. In such cases the form of
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and can cure every case of diphtheria seen early ; and
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experimentation and observation have been conducted with the hope that, with a
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tice which is the occasion of so much anxiety as puer-
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an additional precaution/ However that may be, the method
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According to Dr. Munson, the present deathrate of Manila com-
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pure cultures was followed by polyarthritis and endo-
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disturbance in their statical, chemical, or dynamical arrangements when
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treatment maintain that it is rarely necessary. The most
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for the bacilli. This infection does not take place in the
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disappeared without recurrence so far. These facts are surely
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pretend to serve, so that I have but meagre experience of the
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early period of his career, and he seems to have been

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