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appeared at first to be very extravagant. But I was able to attack the
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effects maternal substance abuse has on pregnancy and neo-
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Actinomycosis of the Liuiigs. — In nearly one-fifth of all
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being confounded with that produced by the corrosive action of the
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recovered without taking a single dose, and otiiers with not more than two or
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enable him to give his whole time to the necessary duties,
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and school boards are being urged to get all the children out to school.
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the application of an ice-cap. This cooling may produce the required
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two occasions, reopened the belly to search for a sponge that had fallen into a
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The patient made an uneventful reco^'ery, getting up on the forty-second
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fist, seen by Beer in twenty-four hours after the accident, the
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of its pathology, to Avhich Frerichs forcibly alludes.
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of a greater amount of modification by the simplest measures
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actual benefit was later pointed out by different workers.
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was to clear the intestines of mucus, etc., so as to allow the thymol to
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It is impossible in the present state of science to classify spasms
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the surface, may give evidence of conges- lowing reasons : As is well known, a
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menstrual periods. Distinct differences ha^•e been noted in the
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and excessive thirst are evidences of the desiccation. The urine is
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was tried. For a few days, child continued restless and feverish.
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which have not been invaded by scarlet fever, although
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omy and leading to the brilliant results now embalmed in the
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port their physician? Therefore it seems to me that we can all, as
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complete intestinal obstruction. He mentions several varieties of intra-
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duced in the cutaneous capillaries by the exanthem, and especially by
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Powerless oftentimes to prevent tlie practice of substitution on the part of
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lung on the opposite side and apparent freedom from
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neck, paralysis of the lower limbs and trunk, with loss of
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(scaf'o-se-faKic, -sffVlus). [Gr. <t«5^ boat 4-
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Dr. Hayden exhibited a very striking example of pleurisy,
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1. Diagnosis: While an exact pre-operative diagnosis of all the
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investigation and absolute deduction. Granted the proposi-
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